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Fortes Fortuna Juvat!

Libereum (LIBER) is an ERC20 Token which will initially focus on building a network of users in the sports industry.

The first phase of the mission is simple: Acquiring a football club in one of the top sporting divisions of Europe. We have carefully watched and observed the development of the Red Bull clubs (RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg) and we believe that combining Libereum with Sports will make Cryptocurrencies go mainstream.

What is Libereum?

How to Get Started

Joining Libereum is easy. Just follow the steps below and you are set to go!

Create account

Click on the "signup" button or the link in this box to create and register an account with Libereum. This is mandatory to join the PRE-SALE and/or ICO. You can also wait for Libereum to hit the exchanges but there is no guarantee that the price will still be ICOish by then.


After you have confirmed your email address simply login to your account. If you need to change anything this is the place where you can do exactly that. Your dashboard is the main hub for your account. You can also check how many Libereum you own and how many referrals you have.

Buy tokens

To purchase Libereum Tokens during PRE-SALE and/or ICO click on the "Buy Tokens" button and follow the steps. Once the transaction has gone through you are the proud owner of your share of the future! Now Hold till we announce the first club we have bought to see the price increase.

Libereum, get your share of the future

You will be amongst the earliest of investors in Libereum during the PRE-SALE and ICO. After that the market decides the price. Libereum has the ambition to become one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies after we have gained ownership of the first football club. So basically, the earlier you invest, the higher your return on investment will be if you have steady hands and are able to wait for at least twelve months before selling any of your acquired Libereum Tokens.

We have a few reasons why we believe in a certain success of Libereum:

  • Because we will slowly move from an optional payment with Libereum to a mandatory use of Libereum for sales in and around the stadiums.
  • Because we will encourage sponsors and partners to acquire Libereum and use that as payment.
  • Because we will keep buying clubs in as many countries as necessary to spread Libereum like wildfire.
  • Because we like to keep it simple. We buy clubs, make Libereum mandatory for tens of thousands of fans and that's it basically.
  • Because we are already backed by industry professionals and investors who believe in the power of Libereum.

LIBEREUM ICO Distribution

There will be a total of 10,000,000 Libereum Tokens available during the PRESALE. This will also be our SOFT CAP, as we have determined that the funds, that will become available after reaching the SOFT CAP, are sufficient to gain ownership of at least one club in one of our target competitions, and add Libereum to several different exchanges.

The current price is 0.90 USD per Libereum Token, with a minimum purchase of 5000 tokens and a maximum of 1,000,000 per person.

The SOFT CAP is set to raise around 6,000,000 USD (Including Referral Bonus).

The ICO:
We plan to announce our first club after the PRESALE has ended, which will of course gain a lot of momentum during the ICO itself.

The ICO will be split in 5 different phases. Each phase will start directly after the previous phase has reached its maximum of offered Libereum tokens.

Prices and amounts are set as following for each phase:

  • ICO Round 1: 8,000,000 Liber Price: 0.90 USD
  • ICO Round 2: 8,000,000 Liber Price: 1.25 USD
  • ICO Round 3: 8,000,000 Liber Price: 1.70 USD
  • ICO Round 4: 8,000,000 Liber Price: 2.25 USD
  • ICO Round 5: 8,000,000 Liber Price: 3.00 USD
Total Supply
Token Pre-Sale 10,000,000 LIBEREUM
0.60 $
ICO round 1 8,000,000 LIBEREUM
0.90 $
ICO round 2 8,000,000 LIBEREUM
1.25 $
ICO round 3 8,000,000 LIBEREUM
1.70 $
ICO round 4 8,000,000 LIBEREUM
2.25 $
ICO round 5 8,000,000 LIBEREUM
3.00 $

Libereum ICO Roadmap

We have carefully selected the steps we need to take to ensure the successful rise of Libereum within the sports industry. The first steps are mentioned below and envision the route we will take in the next twelve months.

Second quarter 2018

Start Pre-Sale

Third quarter 2018

Announcement first Libereum football club, partnershipdeal with a payment provider, start ICO, announcement second Libereum club

Fourth quarter 2018

Listing Libereum on first exchanges, announcement third Libereum club, Start development/implementation infrastructure LIBER payment

First quarter 2019

Realisation of first ticketpayment with LIBER, LIBER is a payment method for tickets in first 3 clubs

Supply & Demand

By buying football clubs we actually will create our own Libereum economy. There will always be demand.


We will ensure that existing sponsordeals will be honoured but instead of the common currency sponsors will need to buy and pay in Libereum. This will ensure even more demand every time a sponsor is buying Liber to transfer to the club.


To ensure even more demand fans will be moved towards a mandatory use of Liber for tickets and merchandise within one season.


Outgoing transfers will always be settled in Liber ensuring even more demand for Liber.

Step 1

Buy Libereum with ETH

Step 2

Each ICO round the price will increase

Step 3

After the ICO Libereum will own at least 1 club

Step 4

Watch price rise as demand increases

Libereum Whitepaper

You can download the Libereum Whitepaper in your preferred language below.

The Libereum Team

Cem Kumlar

Chief Executive Officer

Eric Ploum

Chief Operating Officer

Rob Ploum

Chief Commercial Officer

Marlies Kikken


Mohammed el Moussaoui


Ahmed Qaddour

Head of Support

Rutger Wijnen

Sales and Support

Chretien Vroomen


Patrick Kalinowski


John Vievermans

Libereum Ambassador

Cees van Dam

Community Manager

Tim Bijl

Community Manager

Boyan Josic


Dean Akinjobi

Football Media & Acquisition