Libereum - Fortes Fortuna Juvat!

Libereum - Fortes Fortuna Juvat!

Libereum (LIBER) is an ERC20 Token which will initially focus on building a network of users in the sports industry.

The first phase of the mission is simple: Acquiring a football club in one of the top sporting divisions of Europe. We have carefully watched and observed the development of the Red Bull clubs (RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg) and we believe that combining Libereum with Sports will make Cryptocurrencies go mainstream.

What is Libereum?


Libereum, get your share of the future

You will be amongst the earliest of particpants in Libereum during this phase. As long as we have not officially announced our first Football Club you will be able to buy Liber straight from Libereum. After that the market decides the price and Libereum will not be selling any tokens anymore. Instead, Liber can only be purchased and sold on exchanges that have partnered with us. Libereum has the ambition to become one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies after we have gained ownership of the first football club. Considering our mission we will do everything in our power to succeed.

The future

Our plan goes beyond the purchase of football clubs. We chose football because it"s the most popular sport on the planet. Libereum will use the passion people have for football to have Liber adopted by the masses. But this is only the first step. After we have conquered football we will slowly move our aim towards other popular sports. This will be done to diversify and spread the risk. We predict that this will also ensure that Liber will not be as volatile as other cryptocurrencies due to the fact that a lot of people will own, trade and use Liber on a very regular basis.

After sports we will move towards the necessities of the people that have adopted Liber. Everything from internet service providers up to energy suppliers will be bought by Libereum to increase demand.

We have a few reasons why we believe in a certain success of Libereum:

  • Because we will slowly move from an optional payment with Libereum to a mandatory use of Libereum for sales in and around the stadiums.
  • Because we will encourage sponsors and partners to acquire Libereum and use that as payment.
  • Because we will keep buying clubs in as many countries as necessary to spread Libereum like wildfire.
  • Because we like to keep it simple. We buy clubs, make Libereum mandatory for tens of thousands of fans and that's it basically.
  • Because we are already backed by industry professionals and investors who believe in the power of Libereum.

Building the ecosystem

Supply & Demand

By buying football clubs we actually will create our own Libereum economy. There will always be demand.


We will ensure that existing sponsordeals will be honoured but instead of the common currency sponsors will need to buy and pay in Libereum. This will ensure even more demand every time a sponsor is buying Liber to transfer to the club.


To ensure even more demand fans will be moved towards a mandatory use of Liber for tickets and merchandise within one season.


Outgoing transfers will always be settled in Liber ensuring even more demand for Liber.

Libereum Whitepaper

You can download the Libereum Whitepaper in your preferred language below.

The Libereum Team

Cem Kumlar

Chief Executive Officer

Marlies Kikken

Legal Counsel

Kiki Musampa


Tim Bijl

Community Manager

Patrick Kalinowski

IT Support

Rutger Wijnen



Libereum is a Dutch Company registered with the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands (Registration number 71886168) so we are subject to Dutch law and legislation. If you have questions regarding Libereum please contact us or call +31618561580.

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