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Fortes Fortuna Juvat!

Libereum (LIBER) is an ERC20 Token which will initially focus on building a network of users in the sports industry.

The first phase of the mission is simple: Acquiring a football club in one of the top sporting divisions of Europe. We have carefully watched and observed the development of the Red Bull clubs (RB Leipzig and Red Bull Salzburg) and we believe that combining Libereum with Sports will make Cryptocurrencies go mainstream.


Our first exchange! Trade on LATOKEN and BitIQ, a trading bot that allows users to streamline trading on digital assets.

What is Libereum?

How to Get Started

Joining Libereum is easy. Just follow the steps below and you are set to go!

Create wallet

The very first step to own Liber is to have an ERC20 compatible wallet. You can sign up for free with or use the Coinomi app on both Android and iOS.

Contact us

After you have created your wallet contact us directly using the contact form here. We will contact you as soon as possible to proceed with your purchase of Liber. We accept both fiat (USD, EURO and YEN) as well as crypto {BTC, ETH and LTC).

Purchase procedure

Since we are KYC compliant we will ask you to verify your identity. After your identity has been confirmed we will provide you with details on how to deposit and complete the purchase. Among this procedure we will also verify your created wallet address so that we are certain that you receive your Liber accordingly.

Libereum, get your share of the future

You will be amongst the earliest of particpants in Libereum during this phase. As long as we have not officially announced our first Football Club you will be able to buy Liber straight from Libereum. After that the market decides the price and Libereum will not be selling any tokens anymore. Instead, Liber can only be purchased and sold on exchanges that have partnered with us. Libereum has the ambition to become one of the top 10 cryptocurrencies after we have gained ownership of the first football club. Considering our mission we will do everything in our power to succeed.

The future

Our plan goes beyond the purchase of football clubs. We chose football because it"s the most popular sport on the planet. Libereum will use the passion people have for football to have Liber adopted by the masses. But this is only the first step. After we have conquered football we will slowly move our aim towards other popular sports. This will be done to diversify and spread the risk. We predict that this will also ensure that Liber will not be as volatile as other cryptocurrencies due to the fact that a lot of people will own, trade and use Liber on a very regular basis.

After sports we will move towards the necessities of the people that have adopted Liber. Everything from internet service providers up to energy suppliers will be bought by Libereum to increase demand.

We have a few reasons why we believe in a certain success of Libereum:

  • Because we will slowly move from an optional payment with Libereum to a mandatory use of Libereum for sales in and around the stadiums.
  • Because we will encourage sponsors and partners to acquire Libereum and use that as payment.
  • Because we will keep buying clubs in as many countries as necessary to spread Libereum like wildfire.
  • Because we like to keep it simple. We buy clubs, make Libereum mandatory for tens of thousands of fans and that's it basically.
  • Because we are already backed by industry professionals and investors who believe in the power of Libereum.

Liber Distribution - Prior to the launch of the first club

Libereum's pre-sale price has increased to $15 per token due to achieving key milestones:

1. We have reached an agreement to acquire a football club worth €80 million - an official announcement will be made soon.

2. Subsequently, Libereum has been entertaining and is in advanced negotiations to acquire other considerable percentages of two other football clubs and has gone into implementation of other great milestones which will be subject of press release at the announcement of the first club. Amongst them we will also announce on which exchanges Liber can be traded. By using AI trading tools and strategies, you can gain a competitive edge in the market and achieve better returns over the long term. And learning how to benefit from AI trading can help you achieve better results in the crypto market. All this combined has increased the value of Libereum exponentially, to make us list our token at the price of $15 per token. At this point we are happy to see huge interest in Liber already, pre announcement.

3. After internal strategy consultations, we will follow a strategic expansion policy regarding our token, meaning we will only sell off half of our tokens available and will use the remaining half to purchase the club and companies we have targeted. The ultimate goal is to have 100% of the tokens circulate on the market. At this point there is 40% of Liber in phase 1 available. At this point these can only be purchased in lots of 5.000 tokens at a discounted rate. The more you buy the higher your bonus will be. Please contact us for more info.

Libereum Roadmap

We have carefully selected the steps we need to take to ensure the successful rise of Libereum within the sports industry. The first steps are mentioned below and envision the route we will take in the next twelve months.

Second quarter 2018

Start Pre-Sale

Fourth quarter 2018

Announcement first Libereum football club, partnershipdeal with a payment provider, start token sale, announcement second Libereum club

First quarter 2019

Listing Libereum on first exchanges, announcement third Libereum club, Start development/implementation infrastructure LIBER payment

Second quarter 2019

Realisation of first ticketpayment with LIBER, LIBER is a payment method for tickets in first 3 clubs

Supply & Demand

By buying football clubs we actually will create our own Libereum economy. There will always be demand.


We will ensure that existing sponsordeals will be honoured but instead of the common currency sponsors will need to buy and pay in Libereum. This will ensure even more demand every time a sponsor is buying Liber to transfer to the club.


To ensure even more demand fans will be moved towards a mandatory use of Liber for tickets and merchandise within one season.


Outgoing transfers will always be settled in Liber ensuring even more demand for Liber.

Step 1

Create ERC20 Wallet

Step 2

Contact us

Step 3

Verify Identity and recieve tokens

Step 4

Announcement of the first club

Libereum Whitepaper

You can download the Libereum Whitepaper in your preferred language below.

Press release

World premiere: Dutch crypto company Libereum acquires Spanish football club Elche CF

December 26, 2018 - Dutch crypto company Libereum has become the owner of the Spanish football club Elche CF. The acquisition of the club from the Segunda División A is a crucial step towards connecting the decentralized digital currency (Liber) with the most popular sport in the world: football. The company is expecting to create high demand for digital (crypto) money for a wide audience. Part of the conditions package was a Bank guarantee of EUR 4.3 million as 1st downpayment. In order to reduce possible acquisition risks to an acceptable level, Libereum had the organisation of Elche CF thoroughly evaluated by completing a due diligence. The audit results were positive, after which the acquisition was effected.

Elche Club de Fútbol, S.A.D. (Valencian: Elx Club de Futbol, S.A.D.) is a traditional Spanish football club from (Elche) Elx, the third largest city in the Valencia region. The club was founded in 1923, after which it played against Barcelona and Real Madrid for 21 seasons in the Primera División. The acquisition of Elche CF is well thought-out and well-considered. The club has, thanks in particular to its loyal fans and the beautiful Estadio Manuel Martínez Valero, which offers room for more than 35,000 spectators, a great appearance. Recently the match between Spain and Croatia for the nations cup was played in the stadium.

Libereum sees such potential in Elche CF that it wants to bring the club over the next 2-3 seasons back to the Primera Division. To achieve this, Libereum will provide Elche CF with the necessary (financial) impulses.

"The purchase of Elche CF, a beautiful football club that shares our vision of a cryptocurrency future and is willing to actively communicate it to its supporters, is fantastic news" says Cem Kumlar, founder of Libereum. "The team has been working very hard to achieve this and I would like to express my thanks to all those who have contributed to this impressive and intensive process.
I would like to stress that Libereum, despite its majority interest, has no intention of changing the football organisation of Elche CF.
The purpose of this takeover is twofold: on the one hand, we want to bring back the club to the Primera Divison. This requires financial injections. And that is where our digital coin comes in. We want the coin (token) to gradually become part of the financial policy in and around the club, so that everything - on the term - can be paid simply, in an easily accessible way, with Liber. Think of sponsor and transfer deals to ticket sales, merchandising items and catering in the stadium. Due to the continuing demand for the token, it becomes a scarcity of goods, which will positively influence the market value. This return can be used as a capital injection. And just think what the increase in value of the Liber token will be if we buy several football clubs. To be continued!

Sales Liber Tokens via LATOKEN

Libereum works exclusively with LATOKEN to offer the Liber Token. LATOKEN is currently making a name for itself with its easy and reliable way of operating. Buying and offering the Liber Tokens through LATOKEN will also be a simple task for people who are less "technical". With more than 130,000 active traders trading over 70 million dollars a day, we see LATOKEN as the perfect partner to realize the first phase of sales.

Through LATOKEN a total number of 10 million Liber will be offered at a strongly reduced special introduction rate of 5$. Registration can be done immediately, purchases can be made from Friday the 28th of December. More information through the website or through our PR channels.

About Libereum

Libereum is a Dutch crypto company, primarily aimed at making cryptocurrency widely accessible to the average person. By investing in football clubs, the company has the ambition of generating unlimited demand for the Liber and within 12 months of purchasing the first football club to become one of the top 10 major crypto coins. Libereum works together with reputable blockchain experts and organisations specialised in crypto-payment networks and with specialists from the football industry.

Download the press release in one of the following languages:

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The Libereum Team

Cem Kumlar

Chief Executive Officer

Marlies Kikken

Legal Counsel

Dean Akinjobi

Football Relations / Media Expert

John Vievermans

Libereum Ambassador

Chretien Vroomen

Sales Representative

Kiki Musampa


Tim Bijl

Community Manager

Patrick Kalinowski

IT Support

Rutger Wijnen


Mohammed el Moussaoui

Sales Representative

Ahmed Qaddour


Mike Hu

Integration consultant

Cees van Dam

Community Manager

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